• Specialists in Difficult to Treat Water

Iron Oxide Technologies specializes in water and wastewater treatment.

We provide innovative and cost effective solutions to solve complex treatment challenges with simple and integrated treatment processes. Our approaches are inventive in design with uncomplicated operation yet provide both the cost savings and effluent quality to meet current and future water quality objectives.


  • AIS Treatment
  • Pre-aeration/Aeration
  • Lime Slurry
  • Mixing Systems


  • Blower Units
  • Aeration/Diffusers
  • Pre-fabricated Tanks
  • Mixers/Impeller Units


  • Lime Dose Assessment
  • Polymer Analysis
  • Mixing/Impeller Evaluation
  • Pilot-scale Study
Activated Iron Solids (AIS) Treatment

AIS Treatment is Iron Oxide Technologies signature and patented treatment process that can meet the required iron removal at extremely low cost.  This process utilizes a little known and understood iron oxidation reaction that yields removal rates equivalent to high pH (> 8) caustic chemical processes, but a slightly acidic pH (6 to7) where no caustic chemicals for pH adjustment (nor any other chemicals for oxidation) are necessary.  This catalytic process eliminates all the pH adjustment and oxidation chemicals typically required for iron oxidation, which are generally the largest operating costs in iron removal. AIS Treatment has been pilot tested at a number of mine drainage discharges and several full-scale systems are currently under development.

Pre-Aeration/Aeration Systems

Iron Oxide Technologies has developed Pre-aeration Systems to aid in the cost effective treatment of water and wastewater. The Pre-aeration Systems add dissolved oxygen necessary for the oxidation of ferrous iron found in mine water and groundwater. In addition, Pre-aeration is essential to remove carbon dioxide found in these waters in order to lower lime use (or other caustic chemicals) and minimize sludge production. The Pre-aeration Systems have been developed for both metal contaminated (e.g., iron, manganese and aluminum) mine water & potable groundwater, and where where lime is used for water softening and pH adjustments. Iron Oxide Technologies Pre-aeration Systems achieve saturation with dissolved oxygen and near complete removal of carbon dioxide in as short as ten minutes reaction time, depending on the water characteristics.

Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Treatment Systems

Iron Oxide Technologies has developed a range of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Treatment Systems in partnership with other equipment and chemical suppliers, including Purestream, Inc. and W.K. Merriman, Inc.. The systems Iron Oxide Technologies develops employ a variety of technologies and techniques including lime slurry, pre-aeration/aeration, mixing systems, clarifiers, and settling ponds to address regulatory and non-regulatory AMD discharges. The system designs will vary depending on the AMD characteristics, the client’s goals and objectives, watershed restoration targets, and effluent limits.

Treatment System Evaluations

Iron Oxide Technologies provides initial evaluations of existing treatment systems as a free-of-charge service. Depending on this initial evaluation additional services can be provided. Evaluations include water chemistry, sludge composition, lime dose field testing, pre-aeration/aeration studies, polymer & settling evaluations, bench-testing, mixers tests, and pilot-scale studies. Summary reports are provided as part of the services and contain evaluation results, treatment system & equipment recommendations, conceptual designs, cost/benefit analysis.

Clients Include
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Pennsylvania Mines
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Ferriday Water Authority
Ferriday, LA
North American Coal
Seward, PA
Headwaters Charitable Trust
Dubois, PA
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